It is a class room coaching program for students looking to study full time under the guidance of expert and qualified teachers. Koshika academy has an array of consultant ready to impart knowledge to the aspirants looking to quality GATE, NET and many more public sector examinations. Majority of the teachers have cut their teeth in the highly competitive environment of top IITs of the country by being their distinguished alumni.

Some of the classroom coaching programs is mentioned as follows:

Gate course are conducted on a full time basis under the aegis of highly capable teachers. Latest syllabus and content are taught to the students so that they trump the examination with flying colors.

Every instructor is highly qualified with years of experience to handle complex problems and topics with ease. Our teams of tutors are ex gate toppers scoring no less than 99 percentile. In order to hone the skills in general ability and core engineering subjects, special classes are undertaken with a focus on the development of problem solving capabilities. Rigorous practice sessions are the order of the day warranting success in the upcoming examination.

After completion of each topic, mock drills are organized to analyze the understanding of the students and if there are any chinks in the armor, they are immediately removed with the help of some more practice.
Online test series are also available for the students apart from valuable suggestions to help the students in getting admission to GATE.

Starting date:

Coaching classes are scheduled in the month of May, June, July and August for the candidates. Even if they are late in the session, it is possible to join another batch